About Us

We are a Woman-led, SFB who strives to bring more green inside

our homes & spaces to create more natural, overall happiness.  

We deliver nothing but health, & wellness.

  We believe that every little bit counts.  

Indoor Plants
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Our Story

MADE is a one Woman-led, small family business in the beautiful state of Maine.

We are a client-based design business that styles interiors and exteriors with a variety of high-quality, healthy plants.

Our mission is to offer excellent customer service alongside excellent design. 


We strive to save a variety of materials from going into landfills by giving them life. 

We value up-cycling & repurposing material trends.

Made focuses on redesigning to achieve beautiful decor.  

MADE was two years in the making-  it finally came together March 2021 when passion met purpose.  

Kate's love of plants and passion for gardening -combined with her husband's 

 local recycling business created --MADE. 

Together, with their two kids, the small family business strives to reduce waste in our community and bring repurposed items to life.


"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.  -Audrey Hepburn" 

Image by Severin Candrian