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Hey there! I am Kate, I am a wife and a mother of two.  

I am a creator & every new creation makes  

my heart happy.  This website was created in order to share my living creations with family, friends, friends of friends, and new friends that I meet along the way.  I strongly value customer service and working closely with each customer to achieve their desired outcome.


I am a Woman-led, SFB who strives to bring more green inside

our homes & spaces to create natural, happy, healthy and beautifully green spaces. 

Rest assured that every delivery is guaranteed to bring a smile.

  I believe that every little bit counts.  

Indoor Plants

Expect more, because you should.

Madebykates is located in a small town of Hampden

 in the beautiful state of Maine.

MBK is a client-based design business that styles interiors and exteriors with a variety of high-quality, healthy plants.

Our mission is to offer excellent customer service alongside excellent design. 


We strive to save a variety of materials from going into landfills. 

We value up-cycling & repurposing material trends.

Made focuses on fully cleaning and redesigning each piece

to achieve beautiful decor.  

MADE was two years in the making-  it finally came together March 2021 when passion met purpose.  

We love bringing items to life.

100% Sustainable 100% Made in the USA 100% Organic

Chemical Free. Grown & Cared for Indoors only.

Image by Severin Candrian

Up: The biggest Tilly ever!
Left: My sweet tribe  

Insider Info:  

"kates" was the nick name that my Uncle Ed called me...

He would say "hey-ya Kates, what's happening?"

This one is dedicated to you Uncle Ed. 

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