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Air Plant Delivery day!!!

I wish I could say that I grow air plants from the “pups” stage.. unfortunately, we cannot due to our climate here in Maine. Maine is beautiful tho, seriously, no place like it. I don’t know whether I love the kind people better or the untouched forests and mountains but both are super awesome perks to the state.

Anyways, Air Plant delivery day is so exciting and has become one of my favorite days! My husband knows that when they arrive, that he will see me working all night on my newest creations, bathing and caring for my newest members, and that I prob won’t sleep much that night. LOL. My favorite part is the surprise element of learning about a new kind. Air plants are almost alien like to me. The texture, the shape, and even the anatomy is just so different than anything I ever knew about before regarding plants. I think that‘s part of the passion with this “pandemic hobby.” They are seriously just so interesting. I hope that I can share that intrigue with you.

Here is something interesting I learned..

When and if you do purchase air plants, regardless of where (although I do hope u buy them from me!) make sure that your source is buying them from an air plant farm. There are, unfortunately, people who cut them from their natural habitat and sell them, meanwhile contributing to yet another form of rainforest destruction.

Air plant farms, on the other hand, propagate new air plants from pups and generate new air plants, therefore then selling them... in a sustainable way. I didn’t know this until I starting really researching air plants.

Our plants come from 100% air plant farms and our team is fully committed to preservation, sustainability and waste reduction-also known as up cycling as our major goals.

A little bit goes a long way. Hope you learned something new! More Air plant tied bits to come...

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