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Creating a Warming welcome

No matter where your ‘hosting’ table is that you will eventually serve your guests at, transforms an overall ambiance for the night & for everyone who attends.

To make it warm, you need to use warm colors (Calming tones like you see in the pumpkins) and ambient lighting. A glowing warm ambiance from flickering LED candles are easy, safe, and budget friendly. (I reuse these candles for everything!!!!)

Varients of height draw in the eye and carry the eye from the left line to thew right and so forth. We did that here by using varying candle stick heights. ((Truth be told, i used to have three beautiful candles butttttttt one broke at the last trade show!) I would def get that third height to make it feel centered.

Using the flickering LED candles creates an inviting warmth that is almost irresistible to all guests is certainly an inviting way to begin any feast.

Down the center of the table, I did begin this centerpiece with a simple and shorter buffalo checker plaid table runner in a simple black and white coloring. This makes any other color that you build on top of the runner, Pop! That pop of color brings that seasonal glow. Here we feature our very own pumpkins that pop a warm and calm teal, varying tones of orange, and each pumpkin also brings a variety of green pop with its fresh air plant color and texture sculpted inside.

Lastly, the big green garland stung down the table is a faux eucalyptus garland. There are two of the same garlands featured here and intertwined together to create a full and life like line down the center of the table. This is great again to capture the eye, the focus point and draw you attention from left to right down the table.

Can’t wait to host friends and family here!

Let the fall festivities begin!

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