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Creating your Indoor Oasis

A few years ago, the words “indoor oasis” would have scared me! I was so busy trying to keep my tiny humans alive, I never thought about having time to figure out how to keep my plants alive too. It just so happened that in my attempts to make the best possible choices for my children everyday, I discovered a natural love for plants simultaneously.

We live in a historic home in Maine. Our house was built in 1859 and with that comes a lot of character and worries as a first time mommy. One of my worries was lead paint on our windows. Doctors up here tackle that problem extremely well because most people live in older homes.

One of my other concerns was air quality inside our house. With tons of old chimneys, older heating systems, dusty cracks in floor boards, drop ceiling panels, mold/mildew prevention, etc. etc. etc. I mean really, the list can get rather long. It is amazing how many devices they have that not only test for some of these things, but also these gigantic machines that supposedly purify that air. The price tags for these machines spanned a pretty big range which made me start to think that if I didn’t spend a bigger amount of money on this hefty hunk of metal that it wouldn’t do much of anything at all. Then again, I was not going to drop hundreds of dollars on this machine that took up more space and caused us additional money to run when I wasn’t really sure it was working either.

Crazy enough, my house led me to my very first purchase: a Peace Lily.

The perfect plant for our home, purifies the air, kid and pet safe, big & beautiful, and easy to maintain.

The Mother Peace Lily or our original was placed in our kitchen and is featured in almost all of our staging photos. She is a part of our family now. She is so easy to care for. The leaves really do tell you exactly what the Plant needs/feels. She has outgrown her pot a few times! To keep her healthy, spread the love, & purifly more rooms in our home, I separated her stems and roots and replanted her babies in my kid’s bedrooms.

The Peace Lily is highly recommended in any and every room in any space.

Here is my daughter Charlie’s Room and her Peace Lily in the corner. And in my son’s room also near the sunlight. These obviously aren‘t babies anymore, but then again, neither are my children!

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