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Fairy garden slash train garden slash dinosaur garden slash i need a nap

Today, was a day to remember. In fact, it may be a hard one to forget lol. Either way, I wanted to spend the morning with my kiddos building our kid gardens. My kids showed big spurts of interest. There were many times throughout the morning that i was working all alone. Lol This was not the goal however in the end everyone was happy.

Each year, my daughter and I - since she was born, built a fairy garden. Amazing friends had even sent little fairy garden accents and pieces that she could add. So super sweet. When DJ was born we were excited to include the little man. He couldn’t decide between trains and dinosaurs. I mean, thats a tough one. So we went with all three. I couldn’t recommend this idea/these ideas more to parents out there. We went on a collection hunt to find all The materials, we painted them on tarps in the yard. We plotted and planned and talked about features— that’s where the excitement really built. And every once in a while, they would loose focus but hey, they are three and four years old. Whatevs.. I get it. IN the end, their fav part was nailing the windows on the fairy houses with daddy’s hammer— thanks daddy. And using glue to stick the moss to the top of the tree stumps. As we grow, our gardens grow too. The way they grow and learn to create brings out the teacher in me. It is truly magical. We are not finished yet. We need more dirt and river rocks..and such.. but a good first day :)

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