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Getting Ramped up for 2023

Hey everyone! I am getting super excited for some new additions that I am working on for Madebykates!

  1. Videos

I don't know how I have made it this far without using videos lol!

I'll be perfectly honest, the thought has crossed my mind several times but my confidence level with it needs some major amping up Lol Cheers to trying something new!

WIth that being said, I plan to do some videos about: plant care tips, plant care, plant info about the different kinds as well as some DIY projects that subscribers can try at home that range from indoor plants/outdoor plants, landscaping, planting designs, and so much more!

2- Fixing my Facebook pages- all ten of them!

So I am learning, so thank you everyone for being patient. I am going to combine the pages and delete the ones I don't need/want/never wanted to have lol That will be announced to make sure I don't loose anyone along this road bump.

3- Better Review/testimonial page- I truly have the BEST customers. Almost everyone who has bought something that I created has also sent me a picture of the creation in their home, at their work, or in their space. You have NO IDEA how happy that makes me!! I have them all saved and am planning on adding them to a new Gallery page on the website- along with your first name, and state you are from.

And Last but not least,

4-In person workshops!!!

I have designed an outline for this to happen and I can use my website to promote it, book, it, and bring it to life! Teaching is in my blood, so what better than to host a variety of fun, cool workshops that you and your friends can come and enjoy.

5- Gifting Options

I have also written to the website company for a gifting option on the checkout page which would include a "Send as gift" option, gift message, date to send, etc. I think this would be extremely helpful esp for this crazy holiday season. They do not offer it yet as a feature, which isn't ideal.

Lots more details to come!

Let me know if you have anymore ideas/suggestions/or improvements for me! Email me

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