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Hampden Fall Festival

In our sweet hometown, we loaded up the truck to take our plants a few doors down and set up shop at our very own Soccer Fields! We got lucky with some beautiful weather, although the wind did catch us by surprise a few times and blew over one of the largest wooden shelves. Terrariums went crashing down which wasn't our favorite part of the day, however the rest of the day was loads of fun. It was great to see familiar faces, esp that of my very own family and family friends. Plus a bunch of my kid's friends also stopped in to say hello! I think the best part was being able to do what I love at my little plant shop while watching my kids happily play all the Autumn games that the town had offered for the children, along with the bounce houses available for the kids to jump in for free. My so love bugs were all smiles, esp because they kept playing the games, eating some delicious cupcakes from our awesome vendor neightbors, and shopped around at all the little booths. Next year, I will make sure to hit up that cupcake shop as well first, before they sell out!! Those looked amazingly delicious! So glad to be a part of this wonderful community of people. Thank you Hampden!

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