This has been one of the coolest experiences in my life. From the very beginning, where I met the air plants, to the present, I feel Completely hooked to these tillandsias. Each and every one has it’s own unique little personality and getting to know each one has been a learning experience. Before this whole adventure began, I had never even heard of air plants. The idea of them was sort of alien like to Me. Like many, the pandemic led me to building a family garden outside. In Maine, our flowers are beautiful, but far from tropical. These little wonders really do bring the tropics right into our 1859 second empire gothic style home. At first, I was even scared to hold some of them (the medusa and the bulbous in particular). As I continue to find each of them happy homes, I always am reminded how this whole thing started when I glance at my original cork air plant design in my kitchen window sill. Now these little plants have taken over my entire home.

Here is the original batch.

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