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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day out there to all the mamas! You deserve to be honored today. I hope that you were spoiled with an abundance of love today.

Lately I find myself trying to take in every minute because I am realizing how fast time is really going- esp since having kids. I seem to be surprised almost every time I glance at a clock to discover what time it is...

“What? How is it time to start cooking dinner already?”


”We HAVE to leave now babes!!! Come on, we are going to be late!!” ((This is me like a mad-woman in the mornings trying to get to school)

Whatever the case, I am also realizing that they aren’t babies anymore- which is good and bad. We all know that the baby stage is adorable and certainly memorable but HARD. NO SLEEP is not my friend And does not look good on me.

This mother’s day, I took some deep breathes as I held my kids’ hands on our family hike...

I held it super tight out of fear we would fall off a cliff- no joke, we took the wrong trail and ended up on the cliff path. We learned this when we had to turn around. I wish I could have shown you a picture of my husband’s face when he saw the path about half way through. We struggled lol. But we made it.

The hand grip was sentimental too of course, but mostly scared to death haha

All in all, we had a great day- so much so that my kids said that they wished every day was Mother’s Day :)

I couldn’t agree more1

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