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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

What is Biophilic design? I have been studying this design for sometime now. It started when my children grew out of the baby stages and didn’t need my constant attention or help, 24/7. I liked nurturing my babies and attending to them. Best of all, I loved and still love watching them grow.

That constant desire to connect with other human beings or other living things has brought me to realize why I also love gardening so much! The connection I feel with nature brings me to my happy place.

I feel an intimate connection with nature when i am barefoot in the grass, planting seedings that we have grown indoors all winter- outside in the springtime. The sunshine against my skin fills me with so much positive energy and happiness. Overall, the beauty that comes from all my hard work in the garden brings my family and my neighbors and I so much delight.

Biophilic design is more than a philosophy, it is a lifestyle. It supports cognitive function, physical health, and overall psychological well being.

Biophilic Design has 6 elements:

1- Incorperates natural shapes

-immitates shapes and forms found in nature- shape of wings, trees, geological features, etc.

2- Light and Spacial considerations are upmost important

- natural setting- feelings of spaciousness, open air, light, space, and mass.

3- Natural Patterns-

-using natural patterns found in living things to enhance colopops ncdklsvxc ,

4- Environmental Features

-incorperates wood, stone, fresh air, water, soils, earthy colors, landscapes, sunlight, animals, plants, etc

5- Sustainability

-renewable goods, upcycled materials, reinventing purpose of items, painting/changing/evolving

6- Enhances the natural Human relationship with nature

-meets our basic inborn inclination to affiliate with nature- sense of refuge, growth, and development.

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