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Vendor Stand Xmas Display!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I want to write 10-20 exclamation points after the word display in that heading.. I cannot be more excited to hang up my holiday, living art work @ Damon’s Beverage & Redemp in Bangor! ((They r closed for turkey day and open again the following day! ))

I’ll be honest, the thought of the holidays and figuring out what I was going to make and design made me somewhat dizzy for awhile there. You may even get dizzy looking at this photo…

This is our kitchen table lol. I call it “organized chaos.”

I basically take all the used materials I find and save and spread them out to remind myself what I have again. I also have to cut all of the used clothing into strips to use like ribbon. I do also use ribbon to tie the pieces together. I also love to set out a bunch of zip locks that i reuse to make a “mood board” if you want to call it that.. The bags contain a variety of the fabric strips, ribbon, etc that go together well for one-several pieces.

Can you spy my old dress? Its on the left side, its black and white striped, and it is under a whole lotta other things. Lol A lot of the Buffalo plaid fabric were actually an inside layer to my son’s pants From Gap! I was sad when he grew out of those.. I know they kept him so warm.

Check out how that mess of a kitchen table turned out @

And if you go to Damon’s Bev & Redemption check out a few of our seasonal items!

An out of the box star on top of the tree seems appropriate :)

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