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What are you teaching your children this Earth day?

Last year, we planted two trees in our yard. One Granny Smith apple tree and one Cortland red apple tree because those are our little families’ favorite apples. This year, I let the kids pick some seeds out with me that we will plant this May. ((Yes May, in Maine, I have learned the VERY hard way that you have to wait until May)). I have to say that watching corn sprout ‘the kindergarten way’ was prob the coolest thing. Oddly, at 35, I had no idea how corn sprouted. My friend and coworker, Betsy taught me something when I taught kindergarten that will stay with me and my kiddos forever- thank you Betsy (And your green thumb). So here’s an idea that I was taught that is an awesome way to show your babes that plants are alive and what they need to survive as living things. :) Love you Betsy!


-zip lock bags- quart or gallon size, depending on how many seeds you have

-seeds (we always did sunflowers in kinder with Betsy bc of lack of time towards the school year/summer-these grow super fast!)

-sharpie marker (for labeling bags)

-scotch tape (for hanging bags)

-paper towels

-bowl of water

Take the bowl of water and the paper towels some place you don’t care if there are spills. Have your kids help you rip the paper towels using the ripping perforations on the towels. Soak the towels in the water. Wring them out carefully so that they don’t rip and just enough so that they are wet but not too over saturated. Next, ’uncrinkle’ them (if you will) so that they lay flat. Open the bag of seeds and pour them carefully amongst the wet towel. I always fold the towel then in half so that the seeds are covered on both sides w the towel. Slide the towel into a zip lock and write the name of the seeds/plants on the bag with the sharpie. Using scotch tape (usually 2-3 pieces is plenty) tape the bag in your sunniest window. Check your bag every morning but don’t take them out until they have a root and a stem. In Maine, I have to keep them in longer (against my will) to avoid frost. Check your spring weather In your location for the date of you predicted last frost so that you don’t get zapped like I did.

This pic is taken at night lol but this is our sunniest spot :)

The kiddos get so excited watching them grow (and secretly, I do too!)

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