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Air Plant Variety Basket

Air Plant Variety Basket

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The variety basket features 4 differing- medium sized -air plants, permanently arranged in a clay plant pot using burlap and a variety of green & beige mosses.  The pot is also placed in a beautiful Ratton basket with a simple and elegant weaved design.  The textures of the pot, the plants, and the basket bring a unified feel to any room.  Place this basket on your night stand, and breathe in the benefits of this living home decor. 

Plant Pot is removable from basket.  Available in two color variations.


Fact: Air plants photosynthesize at night, producing new oxygen molecules into the air each night.  Place this on your nightstand, and breathe in clean, fresh air while you sleep. 

Fact:  Air Plants also filter out harmful air pollutants, reduce stress, and reduce allergins.



H: 8 inches

W: 8 inches


  • Care

    Super hardy and easy to maintain!

    Mist lightly once a week. Do not over water.

    Keep out of direct sunlight. 

    Climate Ranges: 60-90 degrees F. 

    Perfect indoor plant.

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