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Arrowhead Sanctuary

Arrowhead Sanctuary

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Lemon buttery fern, a small mix of baby succulents both pearled and flower like, and a cascading golden pothos that will continue to creep down the side of this asymmetrical design.  All of the plants are real and are also real easy to care for.  In fact, the Houseleek succulent may be the EASIEST plant because it tolerates just about anything and everything, everywhere.

This circlular, cermic beauty features fresh, indoor mineral enriched soil, a variety of succulents that are different sizes and shapes, a small lemon buttery fern plant, and a beautiful baby golden pothos.  Keep this pot in part sun and watch it thrive!



H from base of pot to top of tallest leaf: approx 7 inches tall

W of pot: 8 inches

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