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Autumn Glass Globes

Autumn Glass Globes

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Chiffon Ribbon Color
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Easily one of our Best Sellers.

Autumn glass globe terrariums are a huge hit with its simple and elegant design. Each pop of color is in the chiffon ribbon which is finished with natural wood accents. Our real, medium sized air plants sit upon a small bed of stones and terrarium pebbles. The mixture adds an instant calming element to any space. Bring about some stress relief to the spaces you need that most, with our relaxing glass globe terrariums. Hang them, sit them, show them off for an easy & clean atmosphere.


Temps 60-90

Sun: Indirect sun only

Water: Mist leaves lightly once every two weeks

Dimensions of glass globe:

H: 5 inches tall

W: 4 inches wide

H of hanging globe: from base of globe to tip of wooden hanging circle: 12.5 inches tall

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