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Our Largest Bloomer is a beauty. This ready to bloom, Xerographica Fasciculata, is one of the most beautiful plants we have ever seen, and it’s blooms are bright and majestic. The flower shooting up from the middle is a summer bloom. The plant sits perfectly in our galvanized Spa tray that is also filled with terrarium rocks and pebbles. This element can be added to an entry way, a bedroom, a bathroom, or an office/workspace to help decrease stress levels, lower blood pressure, and clean the air around you. These plants are the best, natural air filters. Easy to care for and beautiful.

((This is usually our spa client’s first choice for Spa decorating))


Tray: 12.5 L x 9.5 W

Plant: 18 inches L x 16 inches W

Plant Care:

Keep out of direct sun. Does like partial sun/indirect sun.

Mist leaves twice a week.

Shake off excess water.

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