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Branch Pillars with Peach AP

Branch Pillars with Peach AP

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Natural branch pillars stand tall and strong and feature one medium sized air plant called a Peach Capitata. Capitata Air plants are one of our favs because of how easy they are to care for. If you are a Airplant beginner, we highly suggest starting with these cuties! Hard to tell, but they are fuzzy and soft to the touch. They are permanently adhered to the birch branches with permanent floral glue and surrounded by a green reindeer moss.

Rustic, sweet, natural and beautiful.


Sun: Indirect sun.

Temps: 60-90

Water: Mist lightly once every two weeks


H: 6.5 inches tall (taller pillar) from base of branch to top of tallest leaf

5 inches tall (shorter pillar)

W: 2 inches wide at the base

Price is per set of pillars.

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