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Chiffon Tear Drop Terrarium

Chiffon Tear Drop Terrarium

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Beautiful, Delicate, and Easy to maintain, the perfect tear drop terrarium that brings some green to any space.  These Tillies are dubbed “travel plants” because they are extremely hardy ((AKA no plant sitter while you are gone)).  Unlike the media has portrayed, these Ionanthas live peacefully and healthfully inside these terrariums.  Our tear drop terrariums are made from a very fine and delicate glass and contain air ducts throughout their mid section.  Our terrarium rocks are the perfect place for these cute tillies to whined their roots and establish their home. 
Place us in indirect light and watch us slowly grow!
We thrive with weekly misting and will produce pups throughout the year! 
This is a fun type of air plant to watch! Pups usually come right after they bloom!
Watch these bloom early summer to late summer with a long purple staff in the center of the plant. These terrariums are delicate and beautiful- just like the plants they contain.  

Easily hung with a natural wooden ring. 

H: 7.5 inches tall (teardrop height) 
W: approx 4 inches wide (Tear drop base at its max width)
H: Tear drop with chiffon ribbon + wooden ring: approx 17.5 inches tall
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