Copper Stripped Pillar Small

Copper Stripped Pillar Small

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Our "Smaller" pillar isn't really small at all.  Standing at 9.5 inches tall, this plant/wooden pillar combo is adds a warm touch to any room.   The pillars are opposite in wooden stains.. this small pillar is stained in a light pine stain.  They both do have the copper strip around the base.  The air plant featured on this pillar is a medium xerographica, which in comparison to other air plants is a giant.  It is super hardy, only one mist a week, unless you showcase it in a bathroom where there is steam...then there is literally no maintanence at all.  The curls of their leaves are truly beautiful and will certainly spark up a conversation if featured in your main living areas. 


This plant is not permanently mounted to the pillar because it doesn't need to be. It's curls hold it in place just fine. 


Add some natural beautiful and bring in some green to your room with our wooden air plant pillar. 


plant+pillar= 9.5 inches tall

W: Pillar: 4 inches wide

W of plant: about 7 inches wide


**Each pillar sold separately** 

***See large Copper striped pillar to purchase both