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Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm

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Show stopper!


This copper striped pillar has a darker, super rustic style stain- kinda spotty, sort of antiqued/distressed looking.  This larger pillar features our medium sized tillansia xerographica which is not medium sized to us.  We consider this plant to be one of the larger beauties that we care for.  Maintaince is super easy- just like all air plants- except these do not need a lot of water.  In fact, only once a week will work just fine in most rooms that provide it enough humidity. Keep  out of direct sun light. 

This plant is not permanently mounted on our pillar because it sits perfectly without our help.  Xerographicas long curls make it an exceptional addition to any book shelf, counter top, or table spot- anywhere really. Bring warmth and charm with this big beauty!



H: Pillar + Plant = about 12 inches tall!

W: pillar about 4 inches wide

W: plant about 7 inces wide

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