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This gigantic beauty is absolutely real and sits so delightfully on this rustic shelf that you almost don't even notice that there is a shelf there.  Estrella is an extra large Tillansia Xerographica Fasciculata mix.  She is so whispy, she appears to be circular.   These house plants are a rare mix, definately hard to find them this big and beautiful.   


The plant and shelf are sold together.  This plant is NOT permanently placed on the shelf, therefore it is transferrable.  We do not use adhesives when we do not have to. 


Dimensions of plant:

H: 15 inches tall

W: 15 inches wide


Dimensions of shelf: 

H: 15 inches tall

W: 9 inches wide


  • Care

    Water by misting lightly once, every two weeks.  If leaves appear to be dry or browning at all, increase watering to once a week.  These tillies also benefit from monthly bathing.  Simply soak the plant, upside down in a little bowl of warm water for about 5 minutes.  Lift out of water, shake excess water off, and let her dry upside down to prevent root rot.

    Keep plant our of direct sunlight.  Indirect sun is best.

    Perfect house plant.  Keep in climate range of 60-90 degrees. Do not plant in soil.

    Plant is perfect house plant.

    Pest and disease resistant.

    Pet and child safe.

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