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Kate’s Fav Air plant is large and in charge in our beautiful, white geometric designed ceramic planter. (Say that ten times fast!)

This air plant is called a Xerographica. Its large size really adds the most calmest and serene feel to any space. Easy to care for and one of a kind. Planter can be reused and has a plugged drainage hole. Planter comes with air plant featured and terrarium items (Rocks and moss) to keep air plant cozy.



H: 8 inches tall

W: 10 inches wide


Plant Care:

Detailed plant care card included with purchase.

Mist leaves weekly with water.

(Rain water is best. We sell misters that come with rainwater- See products for more info)

Shake off excess water upside down.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Shade or indirect sun is best.


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