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Hanging Branches

Hanging Branches

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New Hanging Branches featuring our hand made living arrangements.

Easily hang, light weight, beautiful and healthy!

This trio was designed as a bark-less branch that has been carefully & smoothly sanded.

The beautiful wood tones are natural, un-stained, and chemical-free.

Plants are adhered to the branches using our permanent floral glue. Each branch hangs from a natural jute macrame cord that is knotted around natural wooden beads.

Two of the hanging branches are hung from a silver, steel ring and the third branch hangs from a large wooden ring.

*Dimensions vary slightly based on the plants featured on each.

Email me @ with any other questions about dimensions and we would be happy to send more information.

Branch width: 13.5 inches

Height from tip of ring to base of branch: approx 13.5 inches

  • Care Instructions

    Detailed Care Card included with purchase.

    Care Level: Easiest

    Sunlight: Keep away from Direct Sunlight. Indirect sun is best.

    Water: Mist lightly once, every 2 weeks.

    Temps: Tropical plants: Perfect indoor plants: ideal temps 60-90 degrees F

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