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Holiday Terrariums

Holiday Terrariums

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Sparkle this Season with our Glowing Holiday Terrariums! Our real red Air Plant reminds us of a traditional Poinsettia plant with its Christmas red leaves. Our Red Tilly sits on a beautiful, handmade terrarium landscape that consists of bright green reindeer moss, silver and black terrarium rocks that sparkle, some white stones, and some synthetic snow balls that sparkle. This landscape is adhered to the glass terrarium so that it doesn’t spill over if you are gifting this item. The plant is removable for easy watering access. You can choose from two options for ribbons on which it hangs:

Soft Black Velvet Ribbon


Textured Galaxy Black Ribbon that sparkles.

*Comes with one Fairy Ball that illuminates your terrarium.


H of terrarium without ribbon: 7 inches

W of base: 4 inches

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