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Luck and Fortune

Luck and Fortune

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Bring a friend or family member some good luck or good fortune by gifting them our sweet Philodendron, sometimes referred to as "Fat Boy" because of its short and stout stems.  This tropical evergreen is for the gardener and brown thumb gardener alike- with it's super easy care, it's hard to kill. 

Each Philodendron is planted in fresh, organic indoor soil.  This is an indoor plant that is highly resistant to pests and/or diseases.  


Water:  Every 7-10 days

Sunlight: Part sun, Full sun, or Shade (Not picky)

Pets: It is highly toxic to horses.  Also keep away from cats and dogs.



H of bottom of planter to tip of tallest leaf: approx 9 inches tall

W of planter:  4 inches

W from leaf to leaf: approx 12 inches wide

**Approximate dimensions:  both plants vary slightly from dimensions listed


Price includes one plant, one planter and fresh soil.

  • Shipping

    Due to the cold weather, we ship and package our plants with care using heating packs to ensure the plant travels safetly to you.

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