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Mossy Cascades

Mossy Cascades

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The whimsicial Usenoides air plant, aka Spanish Moss has got to be the easiest plant to care for indoors. Ideal temps 60-90degrees F. Each sconce arrangement features ‘2 clumps’ of fresh moss.

Our Air plant Moss is the perfect indoor plant because it isn’t messy, it is almost completely maintenance free, and adds a HUGE pop of texture, length, and green to your space. This beautiful moss is featured in a bright white, ceramic holder that hangs from a thick, neutral jute twine.

Beautiful home/office deco.

Highly recommended for Doctor & Dentist offices.

Pest Free.

Pest Resistant.


A Healthy/Good Investment: Lasts 2-5 years (at least) and purifies the surrounding air.

Dimensions of ceramic holder:

H: 11 inches

W:5 inches

Dimensions of Holder + Moss:

H from tippy top - bottom: 25 inches long

W @ widest point: 7 inches

*Dimensions vary based on selected “clumps”. This is closest estimate.

*Price listed is for one Sconce.

*Limited Quantities Available

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