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Mossy Hickory Air Plant Sconce

Mossy Hickory Air Plant Sconce

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Easily bring the outside, indoors with MBK’s handmade Mossy Hickory Air Plant Sconce. This sconce is easily hangable with a built in hook on the reverse side. Our Hickory Bark was purchased from a Wood Artisan who kiln dries his bark slabs to organically clean them. This bark is 100% Chemical free and 100% real. The textures and shapes are all natural, giving the wall deco piece a real natural look. Attached to the bark is a metal basket weave wire that holds one and a half clumps of pure, indoor and living Spanish Moss (aka Usneoides Air Plant) and one medium/large sized Tillandsia that holds rich green and red hues. Super beautiful, super easy to care for, and super unique.

Plant Care: EASY

Sunlight: Indirect light is best. Keep away from Direct Light

Water: Mist lightly once a week.

Pets/Kids: Safe but should not be ingested.


H of bark: 17 inches

W of bark: 4 inches

H of bark with moss: approx 22 inches

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