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Neutral Fasc. In Gray Ceramic Vase

Neutral Fasc. In Gray Ceramic Vase

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Our tallest Fasciculata yet featured in a calm and neutral rounded vase. The pair fit perfectly together because they combine contrasting elements rather dramatically. The vase is soft and rounded and stout while the giant beautiful air plant is rigid, tall, slender, and bright. This is a one of a kind statement piece. Add this piece to your mantle, your table centerpiece, or your shelf deco and add an instant “wow” factor. She is a real XL air plant, so you’ll benefit from her in may ways.


(Detailed care card included with purchase)

Sun: Indirect sunlight only

Temps: 60-90

Water: Mist leaves once every two weeks


H: approx 17.5 inches tall

W of base: 4.5 inches wide

W from leaf to leaf: 17 inches wide

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