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Polka Dot Terrariums

Polka Dot Terrariums

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Polka dots are always in style, especially abstract ones like these!

Buy as a set, or individually, and style them in your space around like or contrasting color palettes!  The modest blue tones on the jar compliment the color tones on the plant tips of each air plant.  These jars are layered with quartz rocks at the base, garden burlap for the plant roots, and preserved moss topper to add a pop of green to the top of the terrarium.  These jars are upcycled and made to hold each plant perfectly.  


Price reflects one, complete terrarium.


Care Level: EASY

Sun: Keep away from direct sun

Water: Mist lightly once a week



H of Jar + Plant:  9 inches tall

W of jar: 3 inches wide

W of jar and plant:  6 inches (approx)

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