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Pumpkin Crush

Pumpkin Crush

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This years favs are back, but this time with a ramp up of color! Check out the variety of pumpkins and air plants. These cuties are perfect for table centerpieces, mantle displays, Kitchen counter adds, and sweet little autumn pops of color around the rest of your space! Cute for an office, or for the host of Thanksgiving! Walk in with one of these and I guarantee that they don’t already have one! Each pumpkin is carved out of styrofoam and fitted for their little plant. Each plant sits in a small bed of mossy greens. The plants are permanently adhered to each pumpkin.

Detailed care card included with purchase.


Sun: Indirect sun only. Keep out of direct sun.

Water: mist leaves once a week.

Temps: 60-90

Dimensions: Vary upon style

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