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Rare Purple Transcendia

Rare Purple Transcendia

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Transcendia is one of the most popular houseplants because it is beautiful and easy to maintain.  This color leaf however is rare and harder to find!  It almost appears to have been painted or colored because the color purple is so vibrant and bright.  Don't be mistaken, this is 100% real.  

In late Spring, early Summer, this beauty also flowers little white flowers in the centers of eah plant's stalk.  These plants grow quickly and love to find the sun.  They are all shaped by where they find the sun.  This plant may look perky but acts more like a pot's "spiller" when it gets longer because it drapes down the sides of the pot.  This plant is also super easy to share with friends.

  • Dimensions:

    H from base of vase to tip of tallest leaf: approx 12 inches high

    W from leaf to leaf: approx 9 inches wide

    D from leaf to leaf: approx 10 inches deep

    D of vase: 4 inches

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