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Reading Nook Buddies

Reading Nook Buddies

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We LOVE these planters!  Yes, they are blank slates which makes the imagination run wild?  What do you see when you look at them?  Maybe a childhood memory, maybe a good friend, maybe a sibling, or your Mom's grandchildren?  That's why these make the perfect gifts.  Spark your imagination and what do you see?

Kate sees the Medusa like hair!  These air plant are called, Capitata Medusa!  You can probably guess why lol.

Each planter contains 4 medium sized, real, Air Plants.  The plants are not adhered to the arrangement but will come arranged.  This is useful because then you can reuse the planter in about 2-4 years.  Plant Care Card included with each purchase.


Plant Care level: EASIEST

Sun: Indirect Sun

Water: Mist leaves lightly oince a week.

Pet and kid freindly.

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