Rustic Wood Pillars with Large, Fresh Harisii

Rustic Wood Pillars with Large, Fresh Harisii

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We have made two rustic wood pillars into large tillandisa Harisii holders.  The air plants literally sit beautifully about the nautical/rustic style pillars.

Taking care of these air plants is refreshingly easy!  In a humid room, just one mist per week and in a non-humid room, just two mists per week.  Keep these beauties out of direct sunlight and you will instantly add health and charm to any room inside your home.  


Each pillar is sold separately.  Plant comes with each pillar. 



H of Plant & Pillar: approx 10 inches tall

W of Pillar: Juuuuust about 3 inches wide

W of Plant: Approx 8 inches across


These are a rare find.  There are only two.