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Rustic Wooden Spanish Moss Sconce

Rustic Wooden Spanish Moss Sconce

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Usenoides is an air plant that is normally referred to as Spanish Moss. Capture a piece of the South with this houseplant that is not only brings health benefits, but also is as dreamy as it looks on those large southern oaks.  The Rustic planter is made of wood and holds a small glass jar that resembles a mason jar shape.  One large clump of Spanish moss is placed into the jar andevenly cascades down the side of the jar.  The piece is easily hung with a circular hole drilled and finished through the top of the fixture.  Pictured, the piece is hung up with a simple push pin.

Usenoides (Spanish moss): Almost never needs water if placed in a space without direct sunlight.
Moss is a pretty and neutral sage green color.  Pieces of the moss can easily detach and attach again.  Read care instructions carefully… this plant literally takes care of itself.  Less care the better it does!

H of plant and wooden sconce:  approx 21 inches long
W: 5 inches wide
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