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This large Xerographica air plant is easily our fav!  Its beauty trickles down the white birch pillar with its soft, curly leaves.  This plant is heavy and about a large as an adult hand.  Balances well on the birch pillar which is hand drilled and carved to fit this plant.  She is not only beautiful but she is also super easy to take care of.  Also named, 'the travelers plant" because it almost requires no care, as long as it is not put in the sun or a sunny location. Loves to be lightly misted.  This white birch pillar is super rustic. This particular one has a cut branch sticking out, making it a-symmetrical.    Dimensions: H: 7" tall (plant + pillar base)W:  plant is about 6 " wide but some leaves do stick out beyond that. Pillar base is 2.5" wide.
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