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Studded Vintage Vase w XL Harrissi AP

Studded Vintage Vase w XL Harrissi AP

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Studded up and ready to rock, this extra large sized real Harrissi Air Plant is as beautiful as they come. With the softest, fuzzy Sage green leaves, the plant almost flowers out of the Silver Studded vase in a spiral direction. We made one of these cuties after finding the rare studded vase. The AP is permanently mounted with floral glue to the vase which also contains reindeer moss at the base of the plant.


Sun: Indirect sun only. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Water: Mist leaves lightly once a week.

Temps: 60-90

Style our studded beauty on bookshelves, nooks, counters, end tables, and so much more. She can really go anywhere!


H: 9 inches tall from base of vase to tallest tip of leaf

W: base of vase is 2.5 inches wide

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