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Tectorum Terracotta

Tectorum Terracotta

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This terracotta planter is short and cute, just like our large Tectorum Air plant. Love fuzzy things? Well this air plant is the fuzziest of all. Easy to maintain, beautiful soft sage green color, safe for pets and children, and one of the softest plants you will ever feel. Let this Tectorum purify your space while looking serene at the same time.

Terracotta planter is stuffed with organic burlap and topped with a moss variety. Air plant, moss, and burlap are easily removable from planter.

Plant Care:

Mist Lightly once, every two weeks

Shake off excess water

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Indirect light is best.


H of planter and plant: 6 inches

W: 5 inches wide

W of plant and pot: 7 inches

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