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Bulbosa air plants have such a sculpture way about them.  These air plants are super hardy! Perfect for anyone really! ESP travelers, because you can leave them home while you travel and need minimal attention while you are gone… and when you return home, a simple plant bath will brighten it right back up.  The Bulbosa tillandsia have some of the most beautiful blooms .  This particular air plant has not bloomed yet and will next spring/summer depending on its adopted climate.  This color combo goes great anywhere in your home!  Bright some life and some fresh air to any room with this antiqued beauty. Sturdy, antique base.Unique & Antiqued Bulbosa Belize TillandsiaDimensions: Base:H: 2.5 inches tallW: 3 inchesPlant & base:H:  From bottom of base to top of tallest leave- approx 9 inches.W:  Approx 12 inches from west tip to east tip of leaves
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