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Vintage Cowbell

Vintage Cowbell

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“The only prescription is more cow bell!”Everyone knows that line, and everyone can admire a vintage and stunning cowbell.  This golden/brass beauty is the perfect display bell for the holiday season.  The bell features three, beautiful red leaved air plants called Brachycaulous Abdita.  These air plants require one mist of water weekly and require little sunlight.  Indirect sunlight is best, making these beauties the perfect house plant.  The red is perfect for the holiday season especially when paired with the brassy golden texture of the bell. The bell also features a nautical like rope which makes it equally easy to hang.   Air plants are easily detachable for transferring spaces after the holiday season.  

H of golden bell to top of knotted rope as a standing display: 10.5 inches
H of bell and rope straighten as a hanging display: 16.5 inches
W: 4 inches wide
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