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Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys

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Airplane bottles with wax drip toppings! This set is one of a kind & Supplies are limited.

Comes complete with terrarium pebbles, mossy greens, black wax drip topping and finished with a natural jute twine. At the peak of the terrariums are a medium sized air plant or two small air plants. These little beauties can bring some green accents to some bigger statement pieces.

Air Plants in terrariums include:

Capitata Medusa



And blooming Tillies


Terrarium bottles: 2.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide

Terrarium + plant: approx 5 inches tall x 4 inches wide (varies by plant type)

Plant care:

Easy to care for, mist lightly once a week on leaves.

Air plant is permanently adhered to bottle.

Moss is maintenance free.

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