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White Birch Branch Pillar Arrangement

White Birch Branch Pillar Arrangement

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One of our best sellers… the branch pillar. We use completely real and natural branches that have fallen naturally. We completely clean up the branch, bleach out spots, and shape it into a plant holder. This plant pillar contains 3 real, medium sized air plants arranged in a reindeer moss inside the pillar. They are mounted to the pillar with floral glue adhesive.


Water: Mist lightly once a week

Sun: Indirect sun is best. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Temps: 60-90


H: 6 inches tall from base of pillar to tallest tip of leaf

W: 2 inches width for pillar branch

Bring in nature and a little green, rustic touch to your space. This item brings the whimsy to any room. Also a great decor tool for an office space.

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