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Winter Snowglobe Terrariums

Winter Snowglobe Terrariums

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Preorders accepted until Dec 10 or Out of Stock.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Our handmade snowglobe terrariums are a twist on a classic staple. Inside each globe features our real succulents, easy-care succulents, glittery terrarium rocks, white stones, reindeer moss, woodland moss, faux miniature Christmas tree(s), one woodland figurine, and snow balls that glisten, of course! These terrariums wouldn’t be complete without a glowing fairy ball that illuminates your terrarium at night with some romantic ambiance. Place this in your house as a winter deco or gift this to someone you love.


Sun: Indirect sun is best.

Water: Water lightly with fresh tap water/rain water twice a month.

Temps: 60-90

*Plants can be removed/repotted.

*Each terrarium comes with a different figurine and a different number of plant arrangements.

(See options)


H: 7.5” tall

W: 5 “ wide

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